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“Tim McDonald has written a tale of awkward youth and death too young, and he has told it with his music and lyrics integrated into the story in a unique and memorable way.”
– Joey Robert Parks, Liquid Gravity Publishing

“A ‘teenage wasteland’ of vivid dreams and real life in a novel that’s full of wonder.”
– Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine

“We really enjoyed this book!” – Boundless Book Reviews

“Tim writes powerfully of the dreams, or visions, Dustin mentioned having, which were the
impetus for this unusual book.” – Jay Wolfe, The Wolfian Press

A few things first:

A Music Novel?
I know, sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? My idea was to have a retrospective of my songs embedded into the storyline of the book (about how I started writing songs in the first place) with the lyrics included. So, as you read along with the lyrics, you can hear the song at the same time, which is supposed to lead you sonically and poetically back to the next part of the story! Key words: supposed to. And since my idea is a little unusual, we found the best way to release it is through this paid membership site. A print-on-demand version of this book is also available on Amazon.

What do you get?
So, the first chapter is free, including music downloads, then $10.00 gets you membership to, which includes unlimited access to the book itself, the music and lyrics embedded as part of the story, and all eight downloadable songs.

Broken Poets music for the book:
The song listed below “So Be It” is a free download and is only available here. The songs “To Dream of Another Life” and “Singularity” are free downloads as a part of the first chapter. All other songs for the book are available to download after becoming a website member.

Broken Poets – So Be It

Book Synopsis:
A selfish, neurotic, particularly naïve 13-year-old kid named Tim lives a typical adolescence until his best friend Dustin Essary shares with him a series of extraordinary dreams—and the fact that he has cancer. Dustin tragically dies that summer of 1978, which impacts Tim for the rest of his life and brings about a strange, musical revelation that helps him process the whole experience. Set in Phoenix, Arizona, this true-life story leads to the writing of three songs more than 30 years later, which evoke the dreams Dustin shared with Tim decades before.

So, without further ado, here’s the link to Part I, which leads to the registration link for the rest! If you’re already a member (or want to be!) click the member tab on the menu to log in or join.

Hope you enjoy it!

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